How to Download Any YouTube Video

How To Do Download YouTube Videos On Your PC And Smartphone

Hey guys, in this post I’ll be showing you how to download videos from YouTube without installing any software.

How To Download YouTube Videos On PC

First of all head over to the Chrome Web Store. You need to install the Tampermonkey extension in your Chrome browser.

==>>Click Here to Install Tampermonkey<<==

Next, you need to install the script to enable downloading of YouTube Videos – Nothing to freak out, you just need to click the install option from the link given below and Poof You’re done; now you can easily download your favorite YouTube videos at the click of a button!

==>> Click Here to Install the Script<<== 

You can download the videos as in the following mentioned formats of FLV, MP4 360P or in MP4 720P.

Download YouTube Videos Easily

Moreover, the script does work in Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari too.

For Firefox, you need to install Greasemonkey or Scriptish first.
For Opera, either Violent Monkey or Tampermonkey.
For Safari, Ninjakit or Tampermonkey would be fine.

[Note: Tampermonkey for Chrome and Scriptish/Greasemonkey for Firefox support automatic updating.]

Also ReadGoogle Chrome Extensions that are Really Useful.

Remember to install the extension or add-on first before installing the script.

For more information about cross-browser user scripts, Click Here.

How To Download YouTube Videos On Smartphones And Tablets

Download and install the TubeMate app by Devian Studio on your device. It is just like your normal YouTube except that it allows you to download and save the videos to your device for offline viewing.

Hope you guys liked this post, more to come! 😀

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