12 Must Have WordPress Plugins For 2018 (Expert Pick)

Is you website or blog powered by WordPress? If yes, continue reading else just move on and checkout my other posts which may interest you. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is released under the GPLv2 (or later) license from the Free Software Foundation.

If you’ve got no idea on what WordPress is, educate yourself. Here’s some surprising statistics about WordPress :

  • WordPress Now Powers 26% of the Web
  • There are 44,225 WordPress Plugins with 1,253,649,315 Total Downloads
  • 56 Translations of WordPress
  • Famous WordPress Sites : NYT, Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy, People Magazine, National Geographic, Forbes
  • More than 74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress

Statistics Courtesy – ManageWP

Below are some must have WordPress plugins for blogs which you can use to enhance the performance, working and usage of your WordPress powered site. Almost all of them are available for free from the WordPress.org plugin repository except ‘WP Rocket’ which is a premium plugin.

Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack by Automattic – the people behind WordPress.com simplifies managing WordPress sites by providing you with visitor stats, security services, images CDN, and helping you get more traffic. Jetpack is an amalgam of various plugin functionalities.

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Akismet, also by Automattic checks the comments on your posts/pages against the Akismet Web service to see if they look like spam or not and lets you review the spam it catches.


This plugin adds support for the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, which is an open source initiative that aims to provide mobile optimized content that can load instantly everywhere. AMP is spearheaded by Google. So better get started now and get your posts and pages AMP’d!

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Use Google Libraries

A number of the JavaScript libraries distributed with WordPress are also hosted on Google’s AJAX Libraries API. This plugin allows your WordPress site to use the content distribution network side of Google’s AJAX Library API, rather than serving these files from your WordPress install directly.


This simple but effective plugin allows you to extensively clean up your WordPress database and optimize it without doing manual queries.

Yoast SEO

Improve your WordPress SEO : Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the Yoast SEO plugin.

WP Smush – Image Optimization

Resize and optimize all images on your website with the incredibly powerful and 100% free image smusher, brought to you by the super-team at WPMU DEV, now with image resizing! Set a max width and height and large images will scale down as they are being compressed.

Their servers do all the heavy lifting. Strip hidden bulky information from your images and reduce file size without losing quality.

WP Rocket

Caching creates an ultra-fast load time, essential for improving Search Engine Optimization and increasing conversions. When you turn on WP Rocket, page caching is immediately activated. Other features include but not limited to – cache preloading, images lazyload, static files compression, etc.

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Wordfence Security

Powered by the constantly updated Threat Defense Feed, Wordfence’s Web Application Firewall prevents your site from getting hacked. Wordfence Scan leverages the same proprietary feed, alerting you quickly in the event your site is compromised. Their Live Traffic view gives you real-time visibility into traffic and hack attempts on your website.

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Pretty Link Lite

Pretty Link enables you to shorten links using your own domain name (as opposed to using tinyurl.com, bit.ly, or any other link shrinking service)! In addition to creating clean links, Pretty Link tracks each hit on your URL and provides a full, detailed report of where the hit came from, the browser, os and host. Pretty Link is a killer plugin for people who want to clean up their affiliate links, track clicks from emails, their links on Twitter to come from their own domain, or generally increase the reach of their website by spreading these links on forums or comments on other blogs.

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External Links

The external links plugin for WordPress lets you process outgoing links differently from internal links and is the easiest way to ‘nofollow’ external links so that you can prevent your (SEO) link juice from flowing to the sites you’ve linked to in your posts. It nofollows external links on the fly and doesn’t alter the original html codes.

Author hReview

Add hReview and AggregateRating support based on schema.org, which help you increase search traffic by making SERP results more eye-catching. This plugin supports only the editorial ratings submission (editor/author rating), this means customers and site visitors are not involved in the rating or review process.

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