How To Compress Emoji In WordPress For Performance

Emoji History Of WordPress

WordPress 4.2 introduced emoji (smileys) that basically adds JS and other junk all over your site posts & pages; something many people found shocking. Check out this question on WordPress Development StackExchange site. Many people found it as an unwelcoming move by the WordPress core development team because it increased the page load times significantly.

There was even a handful of plugins developed to remove this functionality from WordPress. Checkout Disable Emojis. This plugin removes the extra bloat used to add support for emoji in older browsers. Also, check out Classic Smilies. This plugin also offers the same functionality and disables all emoji functionality in WordPress 4.2 and above.

Previously either user had to cope up will all the bloat or remove the emoji functionality entirely from WordPress. But now there’s an easier solution. You can enjoy the emoji functionality on WordPress without sacrificing you page speed or load times.

The Solution: Serve Compressed Emoji In WordPress

Install the Compressed Emoji plugin for WordPress. When this plugin is activated, the compression offers savings in the range of 3kb ~ 1.3kb (roughly 60%) per emoji!

WordPress Plugin Serves Pre-Compressed Emoji
Courtesy: WP Tavern

It compresses the files using SVGO, an open source Node.js-based tool for optimizing SVG vector graphics files. The tool removes unnecessary data like metadata, comments, hidden elements, and default or non-optimal values from the SVG files without affecting their rendering.

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2 thoughts on “How To Compress Emoji In WordPress For Performance

    1. Disabling emojis is cool when you want to get rid of all the extra bloat but most of the normal users prefer using emojis on their website. Compressing them is a better option than disabling them completely. Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion with us Atul.

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