Namecheap Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Namecheap’s Unbelievable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Previously I wrote about SiteGround’s awesome Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. Now Namecheap too has come up with unbelievable domain and hosting deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the busiest shopping days of the year!

Complete Website for Less than $3

With Namecheap’s range of incredible deals, you can launch your own website for less than $3. Now, how cool is that! Moreover, Namecheap will be offering domain registrations website hosting and SSL at discounts up to 98% off their already fantastic prices.

Register Your Own ‘.blog’ Domain

Not only do they sell them at such incredible prices, but they can also help guide you through all the steps to build your online presence. Moreover .blog  top-level domain extension has just been released for public registrations by Automattic, the parent company of that secured the rights to oversee and operate the sales and registration of .blog domains – So now you will be able to register your .blog domains from Namecheap for cheap prices during the sale.

.Blog Domains for Websites

Don’t worry if you have already bought a domain name and want to move to .blog, you can still register the .blog domain name and redirect it to your primary domain or move your old site completely to the new .blog domain to show off how you are getting adapted to the latest TLD.

The Most Affordable Shared Hosting Package Ever

Don’t miss out on these awesome deals and grab your favorite domain name you always wanted to own along with a shared hosting package to get your own website kicking live in a few minutes! If you are not able to grab the deals on Black Friday, worry not. The force is with you and you’ll be able to get them back on Cyber Monday (28th of November).

Do have in mind that these deals will last for only these two specific days for the whole year. If you miss this chance, then you’ll need to wait for one more year to grab such awesome deals. Better now than never. Grab your .blog extension ASAP from Namecheap and kick your website live!

Don’t Miss Out and Regret Later

Act fast to grab your deals before they’re gone! Bookmark the dates on your calendar ’cause you wouldn’t want to miss the sale.

Follow this link to Grab the awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals from NameCheap! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Namecheap Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

  1. I am very much surprised after noticing that Namecheap is giving discounts up to 98% during black friday sale. During this sale many bloggers will target it to get the discount. So, thanks for sharing such it. [Link Removed]

    1. Yes, not only bloggers but also other individuals and businesses who are looking to register quite a few domain names will target this sale. And hey, you are welcome by the way!

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