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Here’s Why You Should Think Twice Before Complaining About Reliance Jio

I hope everyone reading this post knows about Reliance Jio. Well, literally everyone must be knowing it right now, thanks to their FREE unlimited 4G internet access for four months. Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, known as Jio was the talk of the town when they announced their ‘Welcome Offer‘ two months back when they launched commercially. Now they have further extended the offer until the end of March 2017 (thanks to their Happy New Year Offer!).

According to their Welcome Offer, customers will be able to experience Jio’s True4G network along with unlimited HD voice & video calling, unlimited SMS, high-speed data and access to a host of Jio premium apps till 31st Dec, 2016. Thereafter, the customers will be able to select a tariff plan of their choice.

The most important point to note here is that everything stated above will be provided for free of cost. The only requirement is that you need to get the SIM card from the Reliance Digital or Reliance Dx Mini Stores by submitting valid ID proof. The only downside to the whole announcement was the lack of availability of SIM cards in the official stores. Come on man, who hates free stuff? And free 4G internet access for four months? Seriously?? I was also one among the first groups of people to lay their hands on the fresh Jio SIM cards.

Its three months since the offer was announced and now nearly a month is remaining to enjoy the speedy 4G internet access.

Now, unexpectedly Mukesh Ambani – the man behind Reliance Jio has made an announcement extending the offer until March 31st, 2017 naming it as ‘Happy New Year Offer‘.  According to the new Happy New Year Offer by Reliance Jio, all existing users will also be migrated to the new offer in addition to the new users who will be enjoying the service.

Also, Reliance Jio will be reducing the FUP (Fair Usage Policy) from 4GB to 1GB with its ‘Happy New Year’ offer. What it means for the normal users is that, the service will offer high-speed internet access only up to 1GB data everyday, after which the users will have to wait 24 hours before their high-speed plan is restored. Users will continue to enjoy unlimited free voice calls between any network. According to Reliance Jio the ‘Free Welcome Offer’ was a field test and ‘Happy New Year Offer’ will be a step towards the availability of paid model.

Also the users will continue to enjoy their free unlimited access to the whole suite of Jio apps which offers services like live TV streaming, music streaming, video streaming, instant messenger services, cloud backup, antivirus engine, news & magazines, public JioNet WiFi, e-payment services, etc.

The main reason why Reliance Jio reduced their FUP from 4GB per day to 1GB per day is to reduce congestion in the network causing some of the users to lose out on the exciting offers because of slow internet due to overload on the access points.

After all these offers come to an end on March 31st, we can continue to enjoy using their services by selecting the desired tariff plan. Reliance Jio’s tariff plans are also highly affordable by many as they are not overpriced, unlike its competitors. More information of their tariff plans can be found here.

Reliance Jio 4G Prepaid Tariff
Courtesy: Jio Care

The main advantages of Jio are its affordable rates for 4G internet access, complimentary Jio apps worth thousands of Rupees, instant eKYC Aadhaar card based activation, nationwide free voice calls to any network without any roaming charges, simple tariff plans, extra discount for students, enterprise friendly solutions, Platinum 4G service, etc.,

Even after so many services being provided for free of cost, I find so many fellow Indians complaining about speed, criticizing it because they couldn’t grab a SIM card, raising false allegations against Jio, trolling on social media, and what not!

Come on guys, with so many people fighting hard to grab their Jio SIM even now (two months since Jio was officially announced) and in comparison to India’s population, even Mukesh Ambani wouldn’t have expected it would lead to a congestion in the network; such was the massive success of Reliance Jio. And if you are still whining because you couldn’t grab a Jio SIM, then even God can’t help you. You need to work your ass up, stand in long queues, get ready to face disappointment, be hopeful that you will be able to grab it, etc., Only if you keep trying will you succeed. Just sitting in the comforts of your house in front of the television and complaining won’t get you a SIM card! 😛

I just don’t understand why people complain so much about what they’re getting free of cost. Free internet and voice call along with other premium suites of Jio apps? I’m really thankful to Reliance Jio for that. I don’t even feel like complaining even if the internet speed is slow. I didn’t even spend a single penny on it, so why should I complain about what I’m enjoying for free? I just hope that some people think before complaining. Complaining about free services, especially in social media makes us Indians look childish to the public – the Internet.

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