Request to all my fellow Bloggers

Request To All My Fellow Bloggers

Hello everybody. Hope everyone is doing fine and this post of mine reaches you in good spirits.

If you had been closely following my blog, you would have known that I’m participating in Dell’s My PC, My Story contest. Well, now I have cleared the preliminary round. In the next round, I have to gather ‘Likes’ for my entry. The final winner will be decided based on the total number of likes their entries have got. And only the top four entries will be eligible to win this contest.

Dell's Reply Mail
Entered Round 2

To help me win this contest, I request you people to please open this link (link does not exist now) on your Laptop, Desktop or Tablet and vote for my entry. some of my friends tried voting for my entry through their mobile phones but in vain because the site doesn’t function properly on smartphones.

My entry for Dell My PC contest
Here’s how my entry looks like.

Click on the little ❤️ and vote for my entry. There are just two or three days left for the contest to end. I would really be grateful if you could help me win this contest. Currently, I am expecting a lot of support from you people as you are my only hope.

Vote for my entry and spread the word if possible. Re-blog this post or share it on Twitter or Facebook to your followers. If I win this contest, I will make sure I thank everyone who’s helped directly or indirectly through a separate blog post and link back to your site highlighting my favorite posts from your blog.

Expecting all of your support my friends. 🙂 Spread the word and make it successful.

10 thoughts on “Request To All My Fellow Bloggers

  1. First of all, all the very very best for the contest. Secondly, I clicked on the link to vote for you but I can’t see your name anywhere on that one page where all the participants are there. I tried searching for you by running the find feature too. Still nothing. Am I supposed to go to another page from the link?

      1. Ok, my bad. I just voted for you. I don’t how I AND the find feature missed it. I’m sure I’m not that bad in English to be unable to spell your name right. Anyhoo, all the best 😊

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