OptinMonster: The Best WordPress Popup And Lead Generation Plugin

Why should I use popup plugins?

The main goal of any business is to convert their website visitors into potential customers by making use of email newsletters. It is a well-known fact that nearly fifty to sixty percent of your online visitors will never come back to your website unless they have subscribed to your posts. It is at this situation where various WordPress popup plugins and lead generation tools come in to your rescue.

The best WordPress popup plugin

There is a whole lot of popup plugins and lead generations tools available out there of which OptinMonster is my all-time favorite. Though there are many other free and premium plugins available from various marketplaces, they do not perform as well as OptinMonster and often annoys the users thereby leaving a not so positive impact on your visitors.

The ultimate goal of using a popup plugin is to generate leads for your WordPress site and also to grow your list of email subscribers. But various plugins do not leave the right impact on your visitors either because they are bloated or doesn’t offer much functionality.

And the worse case scenario is many amateur WordPress users do not know how to configure the popup plugins efficiently to achieve their return of investment. And since many people are having difficulties in choosing the best WordPress popup plugin for their site, I have researched and come up with this solution of OptimMonster.

But Why should I use OptinMonster?

I chose OptinMonster plugin in comparison with other plugins which offer the same functionality based on the factors such as ease of use, loading time and features. OptinMonster is highly optimized for speed as it makes use of Amazon’s cloud infrastructure to minimize the load on our hosting server thereby giving it a boost in popup’s load time significantly.

Features of OptinMonster WordPress plugin

OptinMonster is the only WordPress popup plugin which offers users multiple chances to sign up for newsletters from your site. There is also an option to choose different types of optins for your site based your requirements and also the ability to choose the place where you need to the popup to be displayed.

The various available optin categories are lightbox popup, inline or after post, floating bar, slide-in, mobile and sidebar optins, full-screen or welcome pages, canvas and MonsterLinks.

Exit-intent technology

The best feature of the OptinMonster plugin is its Exit-Intent® technology which displays popups to your site’s visitors only when they are about to leave the site. This feature makes sure that the popups don’t ruin the user experience on your site.

Monster Links

This feature enables us to embed a lightbox popup into any ordinary link or button on our site, that is, the popup is displayed to the user only when they click on a pre-defined link.

Visual Designer

Using OptinMonster, we can design our own popups by using the visual designer that comes along with it. We can change the fonts, colors, add custom images and brand the ready-made popups to suit our needs.

Google Analytics Integration

Since OptinMonster is a certified Google Analytics partner, it can be integrated directly with your Google Analytics account to provide your with every possible minor details on how your popups are performing.

A/B Testing (Split Testing)

Using the A/B testing module, you can test the performance of multiple optins on your website and also learn which optin is getting you the most sign ups for your content.

You can also add custom HTML, CSS and WordPress short codes to your popups using the Canvas feature available in the OptinMonster plugin. In terms of ease of use and user experience, OptinMonster is simply the best WordPress popup plugin. It is also the most comprehensive and powerful WordPress lead generation plugin.


On the whole, OptinMonster offers the most bang for your buck. Thus I hope this article helps you in deciding on the best popup plugin for your WordPress powered site. You might also be interested in reading my post on why you need a CDN for your WordPress website.

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