The Best WordPress Backup Plugin

VaultPress: The Best Professional WordPress Backup Service

Creating a regular full backup of your WordPress site is the best thing you can do for your site. Having regular backups of your site gives you a peace of mind and helps you during unwarranted situations (hacked, defacement, infected, update failure, database error, etc). Nowadays, there are many free and premium backup solutions for WordPress which are quite easy to understand and use by anyone familiar with WordPress.

Though many WordPress hosting providers take regular backups of your site, it is your duty as a site administrator to backup your website often. If you aren’t backing up your site yet, you should definitely start doing it right away.

What to look for in a WordPress Backup Plugin?

A good WordPress backup plugin should offer a comprehensive daily or real-time backups, optimized for WordPress and should also be better than your hosting provider’s backups. And in case you host is too slow for your site and is unreliable or very expensive, the backup plugin should help you transfer or migrate your site in just one click.

What use of a backup if it is infected? A good backup service should also scan, find and fix detected viruses, malware, and other dangerous threats with a single click. If it is a business site, you should be able to get priority support as every second lost means you’re losing out your customers to your competitors.

If there is a problem with your hosting service provider and your site is down, you are missing out on potential revenue from your site. The best backup solution should also monitor your site to check if it is online and alert you immediately when there’s a downtime.

Restoring your entire online presence quickly and easily without needing your host or developers is simply one of the must have qualities any good WordPress backup service should have. Moreover, it should also protect your SEO, readers and brand reputation by automatically blocking all spammers from shitting on your site.

Just backing up your site is not important, it should also protect your site from hackers by automatically shielding your site from malicious attacks. And, there’s always a need to stop unauthorized access with secure login options and optional two-factor authentication.

So, which is the best WordPress backup plugin?

Well, you guessed it right – its VaultPress. VaultPress is a premium + affordable WordPress backup and security solution offered by Automattic, the company behind, Jetpack, WooCommerce, Gravatar, Akismet, etc and founded by Matt Mullenweg.

VaultPress can be installed for free from the plugin directory but it needs a premium subscription (API key) to work.

Thus I hope you found this article helpful in picking up the best WordPress backup plugin for your site. You may also want to see my post on what is caching & why it is important in WordPress.

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