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It’s the holiday season and upgrading your blog to one of the paid plans is the best gift you can get for yourself at this time. I’m pretty sure most of you are having your blogs hosted on free plan and are planning to upgrade your site in the future.

Benefits of Upgrading Blog to a Paid Plan

By upgrading your blog to one of the paid plans, you will be able to get rid off all advertisements on your site. display advertisements on your blog (below blog posts, on the sidebar and sometimes on header section) to help pay the bills and for keeping the ‘free features’ free. The advertisements displayed to your site visitors are determined by their location, browsing history and other factors. And the best part about upgrading your blog is, you will be getting a free custom domain name for your site. By using a custom domain name for your site, it will help you look more professional and established than other bloggers on the free plan. Plans Compared (Free, Personal, Premium & Business)

On Free Plan, your blog will be accessible only using a sub-domain (like which makes your blog address too long and having the domain makes your blog look less professional. Also, the customer support is limited to community support forums. And, you get only 3GB of storage space on the free plan. Other bonuses include Jetpack essential features (SEO, spam protection, social sharing, site stats, etc), hundreds of free themes and basic design customization. Personal Plan (best for personal use – blogging, diary entries, project portfolio, online resume) gives you a free domain name for your blog, access to email and live chat support, 6GB of storage space and removes all ads on your site in addition to the existing features provided by the free plan. Premium Plan (best for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and photographers) gives you access to unlimited premium themes, advanced design customization, 13GB of storage space, instant access to WordAds (in-house ad monetization platform for blogs) and VideoPress support in addition to all the features provided by the Personal plan. VideoPress allows you to easily upload videos to your blog and display them using a fast, unbranded, customizable video player with rich stats. Business Plan (best for small businesses, organizations, online stores, and educational institutions) gives you access to unlimited storage space, live courses for managing your WordPress blog, SEO tools, custom WordPress plugins and themes support, Google Analytics integration and ability to remove branding from your site footer credits in addition to all the features provided by the Premium plan.

I don’t want to bore you with all the features offers right now, you can check it out directly at Features web page. Coupon Code: 30% Off All Plans

In general, doesn’t offer any discount on its paid plans but this is the first time ever that they are offering a steep discount of 30% on Personal, Premium and Business plans. So, how to grab this special discount? All you need to do is open up your Settings page and choose the blog you want to upgrade.

Then, switch to the ‘Plan’ tab on the left-hand menu. Now, choose the plan to which you want your blog to upgrade. Once you have chosen your desired plan, you will be greeted with the checkout screen. On the left-hand side, you can see a small text ‘Have a coupon code?’. Click on it and enter ‘HOLIDAY30’ promo code as the coupon code and click ‘Apply’.

Now the cost will be recalculated automatically and you will be presented with the new discounted rate you need to pay to complete the purchase. You can use your credit card, debit card or PayPal account to checkout and complete the transaction. Since most of my followers are from India, I calculated how much does it cost to upgrade your blog from Free plan to Personal plan. Without the coupon code applied, it will cost you INR 2400 per year but now with the coupon code applied, it will cost you just INR 1680. Exciting times ahead!

This coupon code will expire on December 31, 2018. So, hurry up and upgrade your blog when the promo is still active. It’s better to take advantage of this incredible opportunity right now rather than to regret later folks.


Thus I hope that this post helped you in getting the best deal out of If you haven’t upgraded your blog yet, hurry up. Or if you have upgraded your blog already, please spread the holiday cheer by re-blogging this post on and sharing it with your followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Happy Blogging!

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    1. That’s okay, no hurries. This special Holiday Sale promo will be active till the 31st of December, just in case you decide to change your mind later!

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