How to get quality backlinks for your blog SEO

How To Build High Quality Backlinks Manually For Free

If you have been blogging for some time and read about how you can increase your site’s search engine rankings, I am pretty sure you would have come across all these SEO gurus suggesting you build backlinks to your site. This time, I agree with these SEO gurus. Backlinks play a very important role in SEO and it doesn’t matter how many times Google says that it doesn’t give it more weight to all the other ranking factors. Quite some time back, I shared an article on how you can use Backlinko founder Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique to build high-quality backlinks to your site for free. Even though it is a sure fire way to get some of those juicy backlinks, it involves a lot of work and it can easily eat into your busy schedule.

Blog commenting for backlinks

Now, I am back with another age-old white hat link building technique which you can use to get some high-quality backlinks for free. Ultimately, these backlinks will help you to rank your blog posts for keywords in your niche. If you haven’t guessed it already, I am talking about ‘blog commenting for backlinks’. It is one of the oldest technique of SEO and it’s still valuable to index keywords and improve your ranking.

The value of blog commenting as an SEO factor is decreasing day by day because many black hat bloggers focus only on the number of comments and not the quality of backlink from those comments. Getting 10 high-quality backlinks per day by commenting on high authority or established blogs is way better than 100 backlinks from low authority and spammy blogs which auto approve comments. Feel the difference?

Everyone wants to rank faster nowadays and they just Google for a list of blogs with auto comments approval, open them up in a new tab and leave the same comment everywhere without even changing a word. Google is smart enough to detect your comments as not valuable and since many people will be using the same auto approve dofollow blog comment list, the overall value of the link juice passed from that blog to yours will be very less. If you didn’t know this was a thing until you read my post, just open up Google and search for terms like ‘dofollow blog commenting sites list, instant approval blog commenting sites list, free blog commenting sites list, blog commenting sites list Blogspot, auto approve backlinks list’, etc and look at the number of search results. People have been exploiting this technique for a long time.

But what they don’t realize is that our big brother Google often updates their algorithm and punishes these sites, either by pushing them down the search results page or by completely removing them from their index. Google loves high-quality and original content more than other SEO factors. Likewise, it gives more preference to high-quality backlinks rather than backlinks from low authority sites. Three to four backlinks from high domain authority sites like Forbes, HuffPost, and Entrepreneur can boost your SERP rankings like crazy. Just write about some keyword which you want to rank for and get backlinks these high authority sites alone and you would have displaced all the low authority sites from their place and ranked above them. Once you have realized this fact, you won’t spend time or money looking for cheap and low-quality backlinks.

How to build high-quality backlinks through blog commenting

Finding suitable blogs to leave a relevant comment on is not rocket science. It is as simple as looking for certain blogs using your keyword on Google, opening up the top search results, read it till the end, understanding what the author is trying to say, and finally come up with a good comment. It should be so good that it should prompt the author to approve and reply to your comment. Now, to find profitable commenting sites related to your niche there are a few steps involved.

Step 1 – Open up

Step 2 – Enter your keyword + CommentLuv (example: “WordPress Hosting” + CommentLuv) and hit enter

If you are wondering why we are adding CommentLuv to our search term, it is because many bloggers use CommentLuv plugin to manage comments on their WordPress site and most of them give a dofollow backlink. Now, you will be able to discover new sites in your niche which satisfies your category.

Step 3 – Change time from search setting (under Tools) to ‘Past week’

Change search results time in Google

Once you have made this change, only recently published articles with your keyword will be displayed. This will help you to find sites with very low OBL. OBL (Outbound Links) means total external links found on a backlink giving webpage. The main reason why we are choosing new posts is that older posts already have more than a hundred approved comments and it looks spammy with many low-quality outbound links and the link juice is already shared among all the other existing backlinks. Not much juice will be passed onto your site. But if you comment on new posts, the link juice won’t be shared with too many other people and you can get the SEO benefits before that post gets spammed with unnecessary comments. So, the quality of this backlink will be higher.

By the way, don’t type keywords into the space provided to write down your name. Your comment will be marked downright as spam and since your comment is tied up with your email address your future comments will automatically be put under the spam folder. Trust me, not many people open up the spam folder to check for legit comments. And don’t leave generic comments like nice article, awesome post, good one, I liked this post, etc., in the comment box. No one likes such fake comments and they might remove your blog link from that comment which defeats your main purpose of commenting on that blog post.

Every day, leave at least five comments – one comment on each new blog you discover. If someone replies to your comment, make sure you follow up. Afterall who likes to leave something hanging on their blog. Definitely not me. So, you will have to make thirty-five comments in one week but equally spaced.

Whitehat backlinks perform better than blackhat links

Thus I hope you understood why it is always recommended to use whitehat link building techniques over blackhat link building technique. Blackhat SEO can give you the boost you need for only a shorter period of time until Google finds out and punishes you. Whitehat SEO is good for you in the long run.

Blog commenting for backlinks and SEO
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15 thoughts on “How To Build High Quality Backlinks Manually For Free

  1. Are you on Instagram can we get in touch @girlandworlds also @swapy6 on twitter… I have a nice blog I post regularly but I’m very low on backlinks. You said to get backlinks from high-quality websites but how do you get it from them?

    1. Hey Swapnil, you can follow me @thewpfan on Instagram and Twitter but if you need a quick response, drop me a line using the contact form on my blog. I have replied to your comment on another post with two different links to my posts using which you can learn how to build high-quality backlinks for free. Just put in some effort to get those damn backlinks. Trust me, you won’t regret. But don’t ever buy gigs on Fiverr which promise you 100+ backlinks. It is utter bullshit and will result in your site getting spammed.

      1. I am so bad technically I can’t tell you. My Facebook profile is also blocked. I am so damned… would love to be in touch with you. Following you on Instagram.. my handle is swapnil pandey

        1. Sorry to hear that Swapnil, maybe it’s because you kept oversharing your link on their platform. Followed you back on Instagram by the way, would be glad to help a fellow blogger out.

            1. Hello Swapnil, it could also be because your website has coding errors that need to be fixed, it has a low WOT (Web of Trust) score, or it has received excessive abuse reports. It is also possible that your URL is being blocked because the content of your site violates Facebook’s community standards.

              You can run your website through the Facebook Debugger to find out more information regarding this URL block (you must be logged in to use this tool).

  2. This is so true. I’ve read an article before that implies that blog commenting is dead—which I believe is not. Blog commenting is one of the thriving strategies of SEO and is pretty effective. One thing I’d like to ask is, is the link juice still that valuable even if the hyperlink is a nofollow?

  3. Building backlinks manually can be a time-consuming, boring process. You can outsource it to an SEO agency and pay a lot of money, or you can do it yourself. Depends on how much resources you have.

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