Diving into the World of PC Gaming: MOBA & RPG

Diving into the World of PC Gaming (RPG + MOBA)

I always wanted to play games on my PC ever since I first made friendship (9 years back) with classmates in school who used to play games on their personal computers every single day. They would discuss about all sorts of games, graphics, strategy, cheat codes and what not. Soon after that, I borrowed one … Continue reading Diving into the World of PC Gaming: MOBA & RPG

Celebrating my 23rd Birthday

Celebrating my 23rd Birthday at ECR

So, yesterday I turned twenty-two years old and entered my twenty-third year on this planet Earth as a homo sapien. Though I did not have much of a plan to celebrate it, people around me made sure I did. Waking up, it was like any other day but once I had my bath and dressed up, the birthday … Continue reading Celebrating my 23rd Birthday

India Uses Firefox Nightly Campaign

India Uses Firefox Nightly Campaign

I am excited to share the news with you netizens that Firefox has launched the India Uses Firefox Nightly (#INUsesFxNightly) campaign in India. The mission of this campaign is to increase the usage of Firefox Nightly in India. There are many Indians who use and support Firefox but aren't aware on how to contribute back to its development. … Continue reading India Uses Firefox Nightly Campaign

Here’s why #UninstallSnapchat is trending in India

Here's why #UninstallSnapchat is trending in India

As I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed I came across numerous posts by various meme pages asking people to uninstall Snapchat because it has insulted Indians on the whole. I made a quick search only to find out that it has been alleged that Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel had made a comment stating that … Continue reading Here’s why #UninstallSnapchat is trending in India


Path towards Life

Introduction I'm not sure how to start. There's one more year for me to complete my bachelors degree in computer science and engineering (B.Tech. CSE). But all I'm concerned now is about getting a job at Automattic, WordPress.com's parent company as soon as I complete my studies. To be honest, I'm really not into studies … Continue reading Life?