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What are the benefits of managed WordPress hosting

benefits of managed WordPress hosting

What is managed WordPress hosting I’ve been involved with WordPress hosting for quite some time and I feel managed WordPress hosting providers such as Kinsta and Flywheel are really awesome when it comes to many different factors. Be it their server speed, security, reliability, scalability, timely updates or customer service, with managed hosting service everything … Read more

KeyCDN Review

KeyCDN Review - Benefits and Features of KeyCDN - The Best CDN for Bloggers

Why You Should Use A CDN Before continuing to read this article, you may want to read my post on why everyone needs a content delivery network (CDN) for their site. Introduction To KeyCDN Though KeyCDN is a relatively new CDN service provider, their services are sometimes better than the top guns in this industry. … Read more

How to change WordPress PHP version on SiteGround

How to Upgrade WordPress to PHP 7.0 or Later on SiteGround

If your WordPress blog is hosted on SiteGround, you can now easily upgrade the PHP version of your site to the latest PHP version (7.4 or higher) without breaking your site. Why upgrade WordPress to PHP version 7.4 Quite some time back, WordPress changed its minimum requirements from PHP 5.6 to PHP version 7.4 or greater for … Read more