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Celebrating My 23rd Birthday

So, yesterday I turned twenty-two years old and entered my twenty-third year on this planet Earth as a homo sapien. Though I did not have much of a plan to celebrate it, people around me made sure I did. Waking up, it was like any other day but once I had my bath and dressed up, the birthday cake was brought up and placed on a teapoy by my parents. Since me and my sister shared the same birth date, the cake had both our names on it waiting for us to (blow the candles? no!) cut it.

Once the cake was cut, we exchanged a piece of cake and then it was time for me to get ready to college.

Soon after that I checked my phone and it was flooding with birthday wishes. Though I couldn’t get enough time to respond to every single message (in group chats) I made sure I replied with a thank you message on the whole.

Once I was at college, it was time for me to attend the university practical exam that was going on. Once the exam got over, me and my friends (around 12 of them) took a ride to East Coast Road Beach.

👆That was inside the university’s campus. After reaching ECR, we had a good time over there playing around in the beach facing the waves. Then, we took off to Dubai Kitchen to have some good food.

Though the ride back home was quite tiring due to the frequent traffic jams, overall it was an enjoyable day. Good thing we had enough money to fill our petrol tanks way back home. Moreover, we clicked way too many pics to be uploaded over here or to Instagram. 😬

If there’s something that made me quite sad on my birthday, it was because a good old friend of mine didn’t care to wish me. Now that’s a long story to be told now. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Celebrating My 23rd Birthday”

  1. Hopefully dear Internet friend, all of us wishing you a Happy Birthday, will make up for the person that didn’t. We really appreciate you, and all the help you show fellow bloggers. {{{hugs}}}


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