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Achievement: Donated Blood For The Fifth Time

Happy news! I successfully donated blood for the fifth time since I started donating around a year back. A national conference on ‘Advances in Biotechnology and Health Science’ was organized today at my University by the Department of Biotechnology in association with the Rotary Club of Anna Nagar (West), Chennai.

Before Blood Donation

There was a small checkup done for all donors before they could donate blood to make sure that the person was healthy and fit enough. First, I was asked to answer a small questionnaire and then the weight and the hemoglobin count was checked. Since both the conditions were satisfied, the blood pressure was checked and it was normal too. Now, I was fit to donate blood and was sent to the room where the blood was collected.

It took quite some time for me to wait in the queue and get a bed. Once I was on the bed, a trained professional came forward and collected my card and a small piercing was made somewhere near the lower end of my biceps. After some time, the collection packet was full. The skin where the piercing was made was again cleaned with cotton and a sticker was placed over it. For half an hour I was asked to keep my elbows bent towards myself for the blood flow to become normal.

After Donating Blood

I was given a big glass of water to drink and once I finished my glass, two packs of fruit juice and some biscuits were given to me. They made sure everyone, including me, had our refreshments well before leaving the room. After that, I was awarded a certificate of appreciation for donating blood.

Blood Donation Certificate - Rotary Club
The Certificate.

Donating blood might not be a great accomplishment for many but it does matter. I request you, people, to donate blood if possible. Remember, I’m not forcing or judging anyone as it’s a personal choice. All I’m trying to say is, donate blood if you’re a healthy living person and would like to change someone’s life for better.

D O N A T E  B L O O D.  S A V E  L I V E S.

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