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Everyone Is Talking About New Year Resolutions And So I Am

I know I am late. It’s nearly going to be a week since the beginning of this year but still I haven’t taken any resolutions not because I am lazy but because I don’t trust myself. Every year I take a resolution, I break it during the very first month. So I promised myself that his time I won’t be taking any resolutions.

I guess you are now wondering what then this post is about, right? Well, I have now decided to break that promise to take a few resolutionsĀ because I feel myself lacking motivation, or in other words a pushing factor – something to make me push, rise and grind everyday. I need to work hard towards my dream and set goals right now. Here’s my favorite quote by Harvey Mackay.

A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.

Only if I set goals will I be able to lay down a plan and work towards it because without any goals in life, we cannot achieve anything. Well, at least that’s what I feel so.

So here’s what I am planning to do this year, not the usual yada yada yada.

Getting a job at Automattic has always been my dream since I fell in love with WordPress, the Content Management System powering around 27% of the web. This year, I will be laying the roads leading to my dream job by learning even more about WordPress, helping others to get started, writing down many quality articles and tutorials in this blog, helping people out in the WordPress forums, answering related questions at Quora, et cetera.

Moreover I’m thrilled to have opted in for Social Computing (Web 2.0) as my elective for the upcoming sixth semester at college. I am happy to know that this time I’ll be learning what I wanted to. Out of the four electives to choose from, I chose this based on my own analysis and interests.

In short, I will be upgrading my knowledge on WordPress to a whole new level. By now, you should have realized that is posts is completely about WordPress, right? Well yeah, I’m completely in love with it.

WordPress is Love. WordPress is Life.Ā šŸ˜

There is no such thing that influences me as much as WordPress did. I don’t know why. May be I was born for that? No, I’m not a developer; but still my love for WordPress is no less than its core contributors. I wish to learn more. And more importantly, I want to contributeĀ back to the WordPress community one day.

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