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What are the advantages of blogging on

what are the advantages of blogging on

If you are new to blogging, most of you would have been confused about whether to choose WordPress or Blogger. If you had chosen WordPress, you might have wondered whether to go with (hosted version) or (self-hosted version), what’s different between them, which one is better, etc. In this article, I will be … Read more

How To Easily Upgrade From Fedora 24 To Fedora 25

Upgrade System from Fedora 24 to Fedora 25

Finally, The Fedora Project has released its 25th version of the highly popular Linux distro. This version comes in three editions namely the¬†Workstation, Server, and Atomic distributions. Read what’s new in Fedora 25 at Fedora Magazine. If you are currently running on Fedora 24, then follow this post to get it upgraded to the latest … Read more

Namecheap Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2022: 97% OFF!

Namecheap Black Friday Deals

Looking for the best Namecheap discounts of the year on domain names, web hosting, and SSL certificates? You have come to the right place. To celebrate this holiday season, Namecheap is offering exciting domain names and web hosting deals for Black Friday 2022 – the busiest shopping days of the year! Get a complete website … Read more

How to add your site to Cloudflare

how to add your wordpress com site to cloudflare

If you have recently added a custom domain to your site and want to harness the power of Cloudflare CDN, you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll show you how you can add your site to Cloudflare for free. Note: If your WordPress site is self-hosted is hosted on … Read more

How to redirect non-WWW URLs to WWW using Cloudflare


Here’s how to redirect the non-www URLs of your website to the www version using Cloudflare without touching your .htaccess file. Most of the websites are accessible using both, the non-www URLs and the www URLs. But usually,¬†people don’t prefer that in order to comply with the best SEO practices. This is because search engines … Read more