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Reasons Why This Was My Best Christmas Ever – Xmas 2k16

This Christmas was the best ever in my life – enjoyed it so much and had a very good time. Mostly this was all possible because recently I had relocated to a place where many of my cousins are present. With so many people to meet and greet it was totally different from my previous Christmas celebrations. Usually I used to attend the Christmas Eve Mass at night and then come back home and go to bed and then wake up in the morning to reply to all the wishes that are flooding my inbox, have Briyani for lunch and then it’s usual like any other holiday.

But this time, it was quite different for an introvert like me. I didn’t attend the Christmas Eve Mass rather attended the Christmas day Mass because I’ve become too much introverted now. Had a head bath and got myself dressed up in a new pair of Mandarin-collared black shirt and blue jeans and sped to Church on my Honda Dio.

Once I came back home, I had a piece of Black Forest gâteau 🍰to celebrate the birth of Christ. Then it was followed by a round of visits from my cousins and relatives 😀 Meeting them on this special day of Christmas was new to me as I usually didn’t get to meet them until I shifted base to my new place. Usually I get to meet them once in a while during family functions or special occasions.

This time there was a large inflow of cakes 🎂 and savories than the usual. Once I stuffed myself with cakes down the throat, connected my phone to the internet only to get my notifications bar blasted with numerous Christmas wishes. 😂

Instead of the my usual reply of ‘Thanks, wish u the same‘ this time I read everyone’s message with care and replied to their wishes in a personal customized manner. Taking time to read and replying to all their wishes was in itself a great happiness.

For an introvert like me, who enjoys being surrounded by four walls this was totally different – dressing up, meeting people, getting into the holiday season mood, wishing good luck, praying for a better future, etc.,. I really cherished every moment of it – People enjoying themselves during the holiday season, the aura surrounding them, fun and frolic, etc. There was happiness all around because of the Festive season of wine and dine. 🍷

I’m still unsure of how to express why I feel this Christmas was better than the previous years but still, there’s something that’s changed – is different and I love this change. It is Love which makes the World go round and during this season, there is an abundance of it. 🙂

Merry Christmas Everyone! 🎅

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