What Is CDN And Why You Need It For Your WordPress Blog

What Is A CDN?

CDN is nothing but an abbreviation for Content Delivery Network. They are actually edge servers which are distributed geographically across different parts of the world and are used to cache static content (like images, JavaScript, CSS, etc) from websites.

How Does A CDN Work

CDNs make use of technology like anycast routinglighttpd web servers and Border Gateway Protocols to deliver the static content from your website’s hosting server to its edge server networks that are spread across the globe. Here’s where all the static content are cached.

When a user visits any website which is actively making use of a CDN, only the dynamic content is loaded from the website’s hosting server and the remaining static assets are loaded from the nearest edge server belonging to the CDN. Once a content is cached in one edge server, it is copied to other edge servers present in the network as well.

The closer the person is to the edge server faster will be the page load time.

5 Reasons Why You Need A CDN For Your Website

  1. Since the CDN caches all the static content from your site and delivers it from their powerful servers, it definitely helps speed things up.

2. Moreover, it will be serving them from the nearest server present to the visitor rather than loading it from your hosting server thereby reducing bandwidth usage and also helps you cut costs.

3. Also, Content Delivery Networks help you reduce your dependency on the hosting server’s resources for delivering content to your readers in an instant. Too much server load is not a good sign and CDNs help you ease this load.

4. Moreover, you will be able to provide your website’s visitors with faster page load times. They will definitely love it and may even feel compelled to go through many of your posts. Trust me, no one likes websites which take more than three seconds to load.

5. This will definitely help you boost your SEO scores as Google ranks websites higher in the search results page if they load quicker than the competing sites.

Which CDN to choose for your site?

If you want a CDN to boost your site with zero cost involved, go for Cloudflare else if you prefer a premium CDN with high quality support, go for KeyCDN.


Thus I hope this article helped you in understanding what a CDN is and why you need one for your site. You might also want to have a look at my steps to optimize WordPress to reduce server overload.

4 thoughts on “What Is CDN And Why You Need It For Your WordPress Blog

  1. I was reading your article on WooCommerce for WordPress and noticed that you had mentioned SiteGround for hosting as well as Cloudflare for CDN which I happen to use both of them for my e-commerce site.
    I also use Namecheap as the registrar for my domains, so it was kind of cool to read that I was doing something right for once!!! One thing I wanted to add though was that SiteGround also offers free SSL certificates for all your hosted sites and unlike the staff over at Namecheap (who I used to host with too), SiteGround staff members are actual IT geeks, so they are very savvy and progressive as far as safety and security goes.
    Their customer service has been five stars, (although I must admit has fallen a half a star down in the 2 years that I’ve been with them- which I suspect is due to their rise in Popularity)
    They offer a free plugin called the SG Optimizer (I believe is on WordPress.org but requires that you host with them)
    -It offers dynamic caching, force SSL and keeps you upgraded to the latest PHP Version. (However I have read there are other plugins that do the same, but perform much better than theirs does which kind of sucks)
    – Lastly, they have a Cloudflare feature built into their panel so you could activate and monitor all your Cloudlfare site’s stats at once through (WordPress or non WordPress) and they give you a discount price for any Cloudflare upgrades.

    Jordan W.
    (WP, WC, SG, NC, Website owner)
    Hope this helps!

    Liked by 1 person

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