Why you need (advantages of) Managed WordPress Hosting

4 Benefits Of Managed WordPress Hosting: Let The Experts Manage Your Site

What Is A Managed WordPress Hosting Service

I’ve been involved with hosting WordPress for quite some time and I feel managed WordPress hosting providers such as Flywheel is really awesome. Be it the server speed, security, reliability, updates or customer service, with managed hosting service everything is top-notch. You will always get the best out of your investment.

Every penny you spend on a managed WordPress hosting service is worth it unlike other shared hosting plans where you pay less to get a service even lower than that. Managed hosting solutions these days cost less than what they used to a few years back making it affordable for the masses.

Here are four reasons why I feel managed WordPress hosting is the future for any WordPress powered website or blog. Managed WordPress hosting advantages –

1) Everything is Managed

Right from migrating your site to their servers to enforcing the best security practices for your site, managing updates and backing it up, everything is managed by them. You name it – they handle it. Whatever the situation is, they make sure that your site runs smoothly.

Since all the had work is being managed for you, you can return back to designing your site and creating new content for your readers.

2) Super Fast Load Times

Most of the shared hosting providers try to cram as many sites as possible within a single under-powered server on their server farms to cut down their costs. But each site under the managed hosting category is taken care of to the greatest extent possible.

Their servers are fine-tuned for optimal WordPress performance and everything, from installing a caching plugin to setting it up for the best performance is managed by them. They make sure they implement the most reliable speed-up tricks for your site to load in an instant.

3) It’s all about Security

As with other shared hosts, you need not perform regular full backups of your site to stay on the safer side. Whether your site crashes or gets compromised, they are there to help you restore your site in an instant. Your site is constantly scanned for vulnerabilities and if any is found, it is patched on the fly.

With managed WordPress hosting, the chances of your website being compromised are slim to none. But if your site is somehow compromised (which doesn’t usually happen), it will be fixed for FREE.

4) There’s always Help at Hand

If your site ever goes down due to any unforeseen reasons, you need not panic. You needn’t fill in and submit a ticket and wait for a reply from the customer service representative for more than a day as you will be getting access to instant live-chat support and a human being will reply to your messages, not bots.


Since you can now stop worrying about migrating your site, installing and setting up various performance-optimization plugins, updating them regularly, securing your site, etc you can get back to what you were always the best at – creating beautiful content for your readers. If you are looking for the best managed WordPress hosting service, look no where else and blindly go for Flywheel‘s fully managed WordPress hosting platform. Trust me, you won’t regret.

Thus I hope this post helped you in understanding why moving over your site to a managed WordPress hosting provider is a good step, both – for you and your site.

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