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7 Reasons Why We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With WordPress

Powering more than thirty percent of all the websites on the internet, WordPress is the most popular versatile content management system in the world. Though WordPress was previously used to build only blogs, nowadays people are using it to create websites for various uses such as portfolio, businesses, e-commerce, micro niche sites, etc. Using WordPress, we can easily develop fully functional and responsive websites and mobile applications.

The main reason why companies such as Sony Music, The Walt Disney Company, Groupe Renault, PlayStation.Blog, Microsoft News Center and Best Buy use WordPress to power their sites is its robustness.

WordPress is Free

WordPress is a free and open source software. What this means for you is that, you can download, install and use it for free with or without modification. Its code is also publicly available on GitHub for anyone to view, contribute and to play around with.

There are numerous themes and plugins available for free in the Themes and Plugins repositories which can be downloaded and used on any number of WordPress sites without spending a dime.

To run WordPress, all you need is a domain name and web hosting. I recommend using either Bluehost or SiteGround because both of them offer users a free domain and 50% off their hosting prices.

WordPress isĀ Feature Rich

WordPress can be put to use just after installation as it works out of the box unlike other alternatives. Since WordPress is easy to use, people get easily adapted to its ecosystem which can further be extended by the use of various themes and plugins.

Setting up any kind of website is possible with WordPress which can be scaled easily to manage any surge in incoming traffic.

WordPress is Customizable

As there are thousands of themes and plugins available out there for WordPress, you can customize your site’s appearance and functionality as you would like with just a click of a button. WordPress seemingly offers an endless number of features using which you can create the website or blog that youā€™ve always wanted.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

Since WordPress is coded using standard compliance high quality code and produces semantic mark up, it makes your site very attractive to search engines such as Google. Even Googleā€™s Matt Cutts actually endorsed WordPress during WordCamp San Francisco 2009.Ā By defaultĀ WordPress is very SEO friendly, and you can further make it even more SEO friendly by using theĀ WordPress SEO plugin.

WordPress is Easy to Use

WordPress is fairly easy to use, user-friendly and easy to work with. It also comes with a built-in updater that allows you to update your plugins and themes directly from your WordPress admin dashboard. Moreover, WordPress can be installed in just five minutes from your hosting dashboard.

WordPress is Safe and Secure

Since WordPress is used by a whole lot of people and business out there, security is a very important aspect. Though it is written with all the security measures kept in mind, it is constantly targeted by hackers looking for various vulnerabilities to unleash their exploits.

You can also practice some basic security measures, such as not downloading a theme or plugin from an untrusted site and by keeping your version of WordPress, themes & plugins updated.

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WordPress handles Multimedia

You can also add images, videos, documents and audio files to enhance the appearance and usefulness of your site. Embedding YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Facebook posts, tweets, and Soundcloud audio is also possible in WordPress. You can also send out newslettersĀ to your subscribers and followers directly from your WordPress site’s RSS feed using various email marketing services such as AWeberĀ orĀ MailChimp.

Various possibilities using WordPress

Using WordPress, we can create not just beautiful and feature-rich blogs but also rating websites, review websites, comparison websites, portfolio sites, online shopping store, video site, etc. These are just some of the examples of what can be accomplished with WordPress – for a better understanding of how various businesses are harnessing the power of WordPress, have a look at the WordPress Showcase right away!

Thus I hope this post answered your question about why you should use WordPress. The best way to harnessĀ the power of WordPress is by using it. Give it a try, and let meĀ know what you think.

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