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How to disable emojis in WordPress

History of Emoji in WordPress

WordPress 4.2 introduced emojis (smileys) that basically added JS and other junk all over your site posts & pages; something many people found shocking. Check out this question on the WordPress Development StackExchange site. Many people found it as an unwelcoming move by the WordPress core development team because it increased the page load times significantly.

There was a handful of plugins developed to remove this functionality from WordPress. And the most popular one of them all is Disable Emojis. This plugin removes the extra bloat used to add support for emoji in older browsers.

Previously you just had to cope up will all the bloat. But now, you can remove the emoji functionality entirely from WordPress that can help you improve your page speed and load times.

How to disable emojis in WordPress

Just install the Disable Emojis plugin for WordPress and activate it on your site and you’re done. Do note that the emojis will continue to be rendered on your website if the web browser supports them. That is, even if nothing is loaded from your website, the browser can understand that it’s a smile when you put together a ‘:‘ and a ‘)‘ and displays it as a smiley emoji.

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