Everything About Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview

Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview is an experimental app that lets you use Firefox OS on your Android device. According to Mozilla.org, this is the first truly open mobile platform built entirely on Web technologies. If you can build for the Web using HTML and CSS, you can build Firefox OS. B2G OS forms the basis of FirefoxOS.

firefox os smart phone


B2G OS is a complete, standalone operating system for the open web which is also an open source project developed by the Mozilla community. But since Mozilla discontinued their commercial Firefox OS smart phone program the smartphone part of the project is entirely maintained by Mozilla’s volunteer community, and branded as B2G OS.

Firefox OS Coming to Smart Televisions

Here’s a list of features supported by Mozilla and what more! Firefox is now powering Smart Televisions!!

Yes, you heard me right – They’re bringing the power of the Web to Panasonic televisions again in 2016.

Click on the below pictures to view them in full size. (Image courtesy of Mozilla)


It’s not just a phone operating system on a bigger screen. It’s a whole new experience that brings your television to life and gives you a new level of choice and control.

Trying Out Firefox OS Developer Preview on Android Smartphones

Well that’s all about Firefox OS powered Televisions. Now coming back to Smartphones, you can now try out Firefox OS on you device by installing their Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview android application package file (or shortly .apk).

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Grab the installation file from here (Google Drive Link).

Firefox OS Screenshots

Below is how your device will most probably look after installing the apk file. I tested the Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview build on my Lenovo K4 Note (aka Vibe X3 Lite).

That’s how your phone will look after you get started with Firefox OS. You can try it as an app on your android smartphone by installing this apk or if you want the full Firefox OS 2.5 experience you can flash your phone.


Hope this post helped you in deciding whether or not to give Firefox OS a shot. I recommend you people to try the android app before getting ready to flash your phones and void your warranty!

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