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Career Update: 2018 👉 2020

yellow flowers surrounded by rocks

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well during these uncertain times. With the entire world on lockdown, people are doing things that they normally would not do. And that includes me penning down this post on my blog! 😅 I know, right – it has been long (or should I say very long?) since … Read more

How to accept recurring payments in advance using Freshbooks Retainers

how to accept recurring payments using freshbooks retainers

As a freelancer (or even a small and medium-sized business), your number one priority should be getting more client work and a constant stream of income. You shouldn’t spend much of your time creating invoices and chasing payments. You should learn how to automate the whole process of invoicing and accept recurring payments so that … Read more

Mozilla Launches Firefox Quantum, A Ridiculously Fast Browser

Mozilla Firefox Quantum, A Ridiculously Fast Browser - Faster than Google Chrome

Mozilla, the creators of the ever popular browser among the open source community has released an incredible new update to the Firefox browser called the ‘Firefox Quantum‘. It is still in its beta stages and will be officially rolled out on the 14th of November, 2017. It isn’t just another incremental update to Firefox but … Read more

Firefox Focus – A Minimalistic Free, Fast & Private Browser

Firefox Focus - A Free, Fast & Private Web Browser for Smartphones

Introduction Mozilla, the people behind the most popular free and open-source Firefox web browser is back in news again with Firefox Focus, a private web browser for Android. It was previously made available for iOS devices starting from November 2016 when it was launched for the first time. Now, the same browser is available for … Read more