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How To Integrate Any Instagram Feature In Your WordPress Blog

Using Instagram Feed – WordPress Instagram Gallery plugin, we can easily integrate any Instagram feed in WordPress for creating and displaying charming Instagram galleries. Instagram feeds and galleries created using this plugin are fully responsive, meaning they will adapt to any screen size. And the best thing about this plugin is that it supports Instagram’s June API changes, meaning you will be able to display photos using any @usernames, ¬†#hashtags, locations¬†and lot more!

Customizable Instagram Feed

With more than sixty adaptable parameters and ten color schemes, you can edit your Instagram gallery as¬†per your liking. You can easily attract your visitor’s attention using the plugin’s mobile responsive Instagram widget. You can also make use of its Filters feature to manage¬†the content being served to your visitors. For example – the filter ‘ forDisplay photos¬†from @username except #hashtag01’ will display all the photos¬†from @username except where the picture is tagged with¬†#hashtag01.

Limit Display Count

The number of photos to be displayed in your Instagram gallery can also be controlled with the Limit feature. This helps you serve your visitors with only your latest content so that they don’t get bored by looking at the same pictures again and again.

Customizable Gallery Size

With InstaShow plugin, you own the control over the whole gallery. You can set custom values for height and width of the gallery, spacing between photos and also the total number of rows and columns to be displayed. Moreover, the whole gallery is Retina ready. Basically what it means is that on Retina display devices it shows more pixels per square inch, resulting in sharper images.

Flexible User Interface

Using InstaShow, we can also control the navigation scrolling and placement of the created gallery for a better user experience on your site. With three navigation options and an ability to choose the direction and speed of animation, we can say it has simply got the best user experience for both – the developer and the user of the site. You can make it look like the way you want it to be.

Gallery Color Schemes

Thought the plugin comes with ten inbuilt color schemes, you can always add your own color scheme by changing color of twenty-four user-interface elements.

Customizable Post Data

It is up to you to decide whether you want to display the username, likes & comments counters, location, time since the image was posted, location, image caption, etc. Also you can turn on or off the image caption (description) and likes & comments counter on photos in galleries when you hover over the images.

Plugin Language Support

InstaShow currently supports nearly sixteen languages including English (default), German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, etc.

Moreover, the plugin has got an inbuilt shortcode generator and easily integrates with Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress.

If you are a fashion blogger, photographer, design agency, brand management agency, musician or a regular blogger who is obsessed with Instagram, I highly recommend you to get this plugin ASAP.

Security & Updates

This plugin will automatically check for the latest updates and security bug fixes and if any found will show up a prompt on your WordPress dashboard to get it updated. You needn’t download the .zip files, extract the plugin file and upload it to your WordPress plugin directory via FTP. All you need to do is – click the update button right from the WordPress dashboard.

Final Words

Even popular WordPress resource sites like WPKUBE and WPLift recommend InstaShow to their readers. If you are interested in checking out the plugin right away, you can get your copy from here.

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