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Soliloquy Review: Best Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

If you are looking forward to add a slider to your WordPress site without getting tired of looking at and comparing various WordPress slider plugins, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will see why I chose Soliloquy as the best WordPress slider plugin in terms of ease of use, speed, SEO and various other factors.

In the field of WordPress web development, one of the most commonly asked questions is, which is the best WordPress slider plugin and here I am presenting to you Soliloquy.

Problem with WordPress Sliders

Since most of the sliders available in the market are coded poorly, they are damn slow when it comes to page load speed. And if you aren’t using fully optimized WordPress hosting for your site, your server will be have to face the heat.

Another problem with these sliders is the difficulty in setting it up. Most of them come with so many unwanted features that, it makes it difficult for us to use its core feature of setting up slides. Moreover, many of the sliders aren’t responsive and breaks your site’s appearance when viewed on smartphones or tablets.

That’s the reason why I did the research for you and found the best WordPress slider plugin of all time.

Top 5 highly recommended WordPress slider plugins

  1. Soliloquy
  2. Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin
  3. LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin
  4. Master Slider – WordPress Responsive Touch Slider
  5. Meteor Slides


Adding a slider to your WordPress site shouldn’t slow your site down to a crawl as it affects the user experience on your site which in turn has a negative effect on search engine rankings. That’s the reason why the slider load time is taken into number one consideration.

Since Soliloquy’s code is optimized for speed, it is the fastest loading WordPress slider. What Soliloquy actually does is – it loads your cover slide first and then rest of the slides are loaded asynchronously. This makes it load fast for your visitors too.

Ease of Use

Creating sliders using other slider plugins is not as easy as they advertise mainly because they are bloated. Using Soliloquy, any beginner level WordPress user can create beautiful slides for their WordPress sites without any coding knowledge. Creating a slider with Soliloquy is extremely simple.


Soliloquy comes with a whole lot of features which are easy to use for any level WordPress user. Slides created using Soliloquy are fully responsive and look beautiful on all devices and screen sizes. They also support video slides, HTML 5 videos, featured content slides, themes, animations and transitions.

One of the major difference between Soliloquy and other similar slider plugins lies in the fact that it uses add ons for advanced features, which allows you to install only what you need and keep your site free from bloat.


Coming at just $19 for personal use, it is by far the most cheap and best WordPress slider plugin as it follows all the best coding practices and is well documented. For developers, it is easy to extend the functionalities by integrating various add ons.

NOTE: There is also a lite version of the plugin available in the plugin directory.


Thus I hope this post answers your question regarding the best WordPress slider plugin in terms of performance and quality

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    • Hey Michael, thanks for the suggestion. I checked it out just now and found it to be fairly new in this space. Though it is worth trying out, the plugins I’ve recommended above in my post are highly reliable for users of any level and I can certainly vouch for that.


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