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2017 Year In Review: Year-End Blog Roundup

Now that 2017 has come to an end and it’s 2018 already, I’m sharing my blog’s statistics and performance update with you. Before I started this blog, I did not take blogging seriously. I first started blogging around five or six years ago when I had my own poetry blog hosted on Google’s Blogger platform. At that time, I didn’t realize the potential benefits of blogging but now I have realized how much of an impact it can have on your personal life. Blogging has seriously made my life better and I have come across a whole lot of people through blogging. Thank you every one for motivating and guiding me throughout this journey.

2016 Year In Review

In 2016 (the year I started this blog), I had published 51 posts, which received 1,586 view from 757 visitors. That is, an average visitor viewed around 2 posts, give or take. Most of my visitors were from the United States of America and India, closely followed by Canada, the United Kingdom and Philippines. The most popular posts were –

The top referer was Google with 169 views and Facebook with 146 views. The sites with the highest number of outbound link-clicks were Facebook, SiteGround and plugins. The total number of likes I had received for these posts were 51 and the total number of comments was just 28.

2017 Year In Review

In 2017 alone, I published 99 posts – wish I had published just one more post and reached century. These ninety-nine posts got 36,356 views from 23,258 visitors, which means 1.56 views per visitor. Guess how many likes I got for these posts? It’s 5,583 likes and 726 comments!

The most popular posts were –

The top referrers were Google (12,030 views), Reader (6,605 views) and Facebook (3,043 views). Twitter, Pinterest and Quora together contributed towards a total of 1,044 views. Accelerated mobile pages got me around 39 views for my blog posts.

Once again, the United states of America contributed towards the highest number of visitors on my blog – 9,109 views were from the United States. It was closely followed by India with 7,729 views. The United Kingdom added up another 1,656 views. Canada and Netherlands also deserve a special mention as they contributed 1,218 views and 1,028 views respectively. Other top countries include Germany, Italy, Australia, Ukraine and the Philippines.

The sites with the highest number of outbound link-clicks from my blog posts include plugins (446 clicks), SiteGround Web Hosting (274 clicks), CodeCanyon WordPress Plugins (113 clicks), Cloudflare CDN (93 clicks), OpenDNS (75 clicks) and (52 views). Last but not the least, I got a thousand followers on my blog! 😀


Hope you liked my blog’s 2017 year in review post. Now, what about you? How did your blog perform in 2017 and what goals are you looking forward to accomplish in 2018? Do you have any tips or suggestions for me and other bloggers out there? Feel free to leave them out in the comments section below so that the world may know what you think! 🙂

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