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Wire Secure Messenger – The best open source alternative to WhatsApp

What is Wire Private Messenger?

Wire is a modern, private communications application offering free text, voice, video, pictures, and much more.  Moreover, Wire is a opensource project, that is, anyone can review or audit the code and contribute to the development of the application. Here’s the link to Wire’s repository on GitHub.

Why Wire?

Previously I wrote three reasons why I hate WhatsApp and why you should too. Soon after that I got numerous messages asking me for a better alternative to WhatsApp and here I am presenting to you Wire Private Messenger.

Why Wire is better than WhatsApp?

Wire offers all the features already existing in WhatsApp plus many added features to make it even more awesome. Wire is completely free of any type of advertisements unlike other free instant messengers neither does it collect your usage data and sell it to advertisers to make money. Also, Wire implements end-to-end encryption in direct messages as well as in group chats.

Wire’s End-to-End Encryption Protocol

Transmitting text messages and pictures uses Off-the-Record (OTR) end-to-end encryption. Wire uses the Axolotl ratchet and pre-keys which are optimized for mobile messaging whereas voice calls use the WebRTC standard. To be even more precise, DTLS is used for key negotiation & authentication and SRTP is used for encrypted media transport. What this means for us is that voice calls are encrypted on both ends with perfect forward secrecy enabled without compromising HD call quality.

This encryption mechanism works transparently in the background and does not need to be activated first. Also, it doesn’t get in the way of usability or reduce the feature set and avoids the complexity that is common to secure messengers.

Key Features of Wire Instant Messenger

Key features available in Wire private messenger are always on end-to-end encryption, anytime verifiable identity, multiple device support for end-to-end encryption, fully encrypted group chats and calls, fully secured audio and video calls, fully encrypted file transfer, code publicly available on GitHub and a desktop version of the app too.

Since Wire is not financed by ads, your personal data or the content of your conversations are never sold or rented to anyone neither will it be used for any third-party advertising.

Other Exciting Features in Wire

You can also create unique usernames for your accounts, send voice messages and apply cool voice filters. Also, registering your phone number is not compulsory and you can sign up using your email ID. This app is based in Switzerland and fully complies with European laws and is hosted in EU.

How to Get Wire Instant Messenger

Wire can be downloaded from Google Play Store, iTunes, Mac App Store, Windows App Store and Linux. Wire can also be used directly from any web browser.

Thus I hope this article helps you in choosing the best alternative to WhatsApp Messenger.

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