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Car Dealership Advertisements: How to Make More Sales

Digital advertising has become one of the most popular ways to increase brand awareness for carmakers. Thanks to the internet, these days, customers interested in purchasing a car need not have to visit a car dealer’s store to understand what they want. They can simply check it out on websites or mobile apps from the comfort of their homes.

But, this poses a problem for car dealers who are looking to get potential buyers to visit their dealership store. How can they make more sales if they can’t bring in customers to their store?

In this article, we will look at the five vital strategies that all car dealerships must embrace to make more sales in this ever-changing digital world.

Understand your customers

This is one of the most important fundamental things that must be understood before creating any new car dealership advertisement. Knowing the needs of potential buyers who want to own a car will help boost your connection with them. In other words, it is also known as customer development. 

Dealerships must go out of their way to research potential buyers. The desire to have an understanding of what your potential customers need must take center stage in your marketing and advertisement strategies. 

Here are some ways to know your potential buyers –

Conduct customer surveys   

This approach always yields great results. It is a good way to gather more data about buyers’ demographics, buying habits, and interests.

Interview customers

Call up your potential customers/leads and ask them what they are looking for exactly and why they choose certain features over others. You can also initiate a chat with them if they prefer. Nowadays, WhatsApp marketing is booming and yielding promising results for marketers.

Communicate with your sales reps and account managers

They deal with more customers on a daily basis. Ask them about what the customers are saying, their questions, and their inquiries.

Data from all these inquiries will aid in the creation of a more wonderful and personalized experience for you and your customers. Every customer expects a personalized buying experience and customized services. All this can be achieved when you have researched everything from the ground up.

Get to know your buyers’ important keywords

super premium luxury cars parked on road

The way that advertisements and marketing work has changed drastically with the growth of search engine marketing. It is gaining more prominence over other forms of advertising. Hence, any car dealership that does not keep up with it is left behind and in danger of losing the customer’s attention.

As a car dealer, you can target potential buyers’ interest when they are searching for your product by leveraging search engine marketing.

Know why your search engine marketing efforts are not yielding results

If you are not targeting the keywords narrowly and are targeting a wide audience. it will be really difficult to relate with your potential buyers. For example, if you’re just targeting ‘cars in the USA’ instead of ‘Honda cars in New Jersey’, that’s a lot of missed opportunities.

To overcome these failing advertisement campaigns, learn to recognize keywords that produce good results. Then prioritize and improve on them. Think of creating Single Keyword Ad Groups.

While creating your advertisement copy, make sure you use keywords words that will help your audience know that you have exactly what they are looking for. Always do thorough customer research whenever you create a new copy.

When they click on your advertisement, make sure your landing page has the exact model or make your customer is looking for. Your landing page must align with the searcher’s intent. And it must contain all the necessary information about the car model.

Always be conscious of your Quality Score. Your ad’s relevance is a popular factor that is added to Quality Score. If your car dealership ad landing page aligns with the searcher’s desire, then you’ll get a good score. This will help your ad rank higher than your competitors.

Hyper-personalize Facebook ads

Apart from Google, Facebook is another great place to advertise your dealership. You can target a large audience and it is very accessible. Therefore, it makes it is easier to post your advertisement and get more views. By leveraging Facebook Ads, you can attract more customers. 

Personalizing your advertisement to match the requirement and interests of your audience is the way to go about it. To capture your audience’s attention, you have to make them realize that you have got exactly what they need.

Over-The-Top [OTT] advertisements

As technology keeps changing, new things come up and old things die. Nowadays, many brands are advertising their products on OTT apps instead of televisions. With OTT, you can stream your ads to the audience while they’re in a relaxed mood consuming their favorite content. It also doesn’t cost much to advertise your product and services on your favorite OTT apps. 

One exciting thing about OTT ads is that you can be assured that your ads are being watched by people when their eyes are glued to the screen, unlike TV advertisements. Also, you needn’t go through channel officials who demand large deposits for airing your advertisements. So, it’s a win-win for you and the OTT players.

Leverage contextual visual content on Instagram

Instagram is another social media site that works well for advertising cars. According to Backlinko, more than one billion monthly active users access the Instagram app globally. It is more likely you will find your potential buyer here than on any other platform because of its focus on visual content.

Instagram is also a place where car lovers all over the world unite and can be targeted easily, thanks to the many fan pages and creators. On Instagram, you can leverage high-quality pictures of cars for carousel ads while coming up with car dealership ads. This can help you capture the audience’s interest, especially if they are a car lover. You can also make the most out of your ads without much effort that way.

If you’re going with story ads, make sure to craft content that is of high quality. It should be appealing to potential buyers searching for the brand or model you have. You can learn more about Instagram marketing here.


These are the five vital strategies that all car dealerships must embrace to make more sales in this ever-changing digital world. If you want to generate more income, you should be prepared to explore and try new advertising and marketing techniques. This includes email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO. The strategies shared in this article will not only help you get promising results but also make the job way easier for you.

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