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Blogging Resources

Curious to find out which tools and services I am using on this site? Here is a list of my favorite products, software and services that I use on my site and some of my clients’ sites which are all powered by WordPress.

Web Hosting Platform

Every website owner needs a good web hosting platform to host their websites. Here are some web hosts which I trust and recommend to my readers.

WordPress Themes

Providing your readers with a clean, user-friendly and intuitive user interface can help extend the time your readers spend on your blog and can greatly reduce your bounce rate. Moreover, a well-coded and fast loading theme is essential for your blog’s SEO. Here are my top picks.

WordPress Plugins

Every WordPress site owner uses plugins to add extra functionality to their site. Here are some of the must-have WordPress plugins you need to have on your site to take it to the next level.

Content Delivery Network

Using a good content delivery network can help speed up the delivery of static content on your website (such as CSS, JavaScript and image files) to your site’s visitors be it whichever part of the globe they are loading your site from.

  • KeyCDN – A simple, fast and reliable CDN
  • Cloudflare – Make your site faster and safer

Website Security Software

Protecting your website from malicious hackers is important if you don’t want to lose your content and hard earned money to some unknown creep on the internet. These website security providers protect your website from all bad bots and hackers looking for loopholes in your website’s security and clean up malware from your existing site.

  • Sucuri – Complete website security
  • Wordfence – Most downloaded security plugin for WordPress websites

Email Marketing Platform

Email marketing is one of the oldest methods of internet marketing and it is not dead yet. Unlike other marketing platforms where you don’t own your subscribers’ email addresses, over here they have entrusted you with their personal email addresses so that they can receive the best content from your directly to their inbox. Here are a few platforms which I recommend you to effortlessly collect leads and manage your email lists.

  • AWeber – Affordable and easy to use email marketing tools
  • Seva – Automation and email marketing tools you need to grow your blog and business
  • MailChimp – Marketing platform for small businesses
  • GetResponse – Simple and easy interface to send email newsletters, campaigns, online surveys and follow-up autoresponders

Social Media Marketing Software

What’s the use of just publishing content on your blog without getting it in front of as many eyeballs as you can? Use this software to promote your blog posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

  • Buffer – Effortlessly share your blog posts on social media networks
  • Crowdfire – Easy social media manager software

Free Stock Images For Commerical Use

Why spend more than $200 per month for stock images when you can get them for free? Here are some trusted websites from where you can download high-resolution images for free. Feel free to use them anywhere – on your blog, social media, apps, websites, etc.

Video Maker And Editing Software

Video marketing is the future if you haven’t heard it already yet. Make sure all your blog posts are accompanied by a video to increase its exposure. YouTube is your friend.

  • Lumen5 – Create videos from your blog post content
  • Camtasia – Screen recording and video editing software

Photo Editing Software For Creating Custom Blog Graphics

Don’t know how to use Adobe Photoshop and other complex graphics software to create custom designs for your blog posts? Worry not, here is an app which you can use to create such designs for free.

  • Canva – Create amazing graphics designs for free

Sending & Receiving International Payments

Once you step into the world of blogging and you start purchasing domain names, web hosting plans, themes and plugins from any marketplace, you would have realized the need for an easier payment method than debit and credit cards. Also, you need protection when you buy and sell something from businesses and clients respectively. This can be achieved by using the below-mentioned platform.

  • PayPal – Safe way to send and receive payments globally

Free Cloud Storage Solution

When you are busy managing your website, you can’t always keep track of all the themes and plugins you downloaded, the images you have used on your blog, etc. All this can be set to automatically backed up to your cloud storage so that they are not lost in case your system fails or your site gets taken down due to unrecoverable malware attack.

  • Dropbox – Secure file sharing and storage solution
  • Google Drive – A safe place for all your files

Business Management Tools

Once you become a freelancer or you start your own online business, you will be needing an extra set of hands to keep everything organized. You can use Google Cloud’s latest offering, G Suite to easily manage your day to day business activities.

  • G Suite (Inbox me for promo codes)

Website Performance Testing

We all know how important it is to have a quick loading website. It is good for SEO and your readers will love you for providing them with a good experience. You can use these testing tools to see where your site is lacking in terms of performance and you can start working on it to improve your PageSpeed and YSlow scores.

WordPress Tutorials And Guides

Everyone likes good tutorials when they are stuck with something. Here are my favorite go-to sites to learn anything about fixing stuff with WordPress.

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