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5 Tips for Writing Captivating Blog Titles

tips for writing captivating and catchy blog titles and headlines

Whether you blog for business or as a hobby, getting people to actually read and engage with your content can prove challenging. Although there are a number of factors that can make blog posts successful, perhaps one of the most important components is a captivating title. Creating a compelling title is critical — it hooks … Read more

Organic vs Paid Search: Which is better for bloggers

organic vs paid search traffic

On the internet, there are broadly two types of search traffic which you can use to drive traffic to your blog – organic and paid search traffic. Organic search traffic is when you get traffic to your blog naturally from search engines results page without you spending money on advertising platforms like Google AdSense, Facebook … Read more

The HTTP to HTTPS migration checklist

Checklist for a successful HTTP to HTTPS migration

Congrats, you have finally decided to move your site from HTTP to HTTPS. Google is going to love you, your readers are going to love you and everyone on the internet are going to love you for making the internet more secure and a safer place for everyone. According to Google, HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol … Read more