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How to cloak affiliate links on your WordPress site

How to Cloak Affiliate Links in WordPress using Pretty Link

Advantages of cloaking affiliate links Blogging is an art. And, if you’d like to keep it that way even when you’re monetizing your blog through affiliate marketing, you might want to keep them neat. We all know that affiliate links are not standardized and each program uses its different affiliate marketing software to keep track … Read more

How to disable emojis in WordPress

how to disable emojis in WordPress

History of Emoji in WordPress WordPress 4.2 introduced emojis (smileys) that basically added JS and other junk all over your site posts & pages; something many people found shocking. Check out this question on the WordPress Development StackExchange site. Many people found it as an unwelcoming move by the WordPress core development team because it increased the … Read more

How to setup Google AMP in WordPress

how to setup Google AMP in WordPress

AMP Project is an open-source initiative spearheaded by Google that aims to provide mobile-optimized content that can load instantly everywhere. AMP is a way to build high-performance web pages for static content that render fast. And, there are three important elements to AMP – AMP HTML AMP HTML is the usual HTML extended with custom AMP … Read more

10 Best Premium WordPress plugins for 2023 (Expert Pick)

best premium wordpress plugins

As a website owner, it’s essential to have the right tools to help you create a powerful and functional website that stands out from the crowd. WordPress plugins are an excellent way to add functionality and features to your website, and premium WordPress plugins offer even more advanced features and functionality. In this article, we … Read more