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Flywheel Growth Suite Client Reporting: A must-have for design agencies

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Running a WordPress design agency is like a ticking time bomb without the right tools at your disposal. You never know when or which update can wreak havoc on your client websites. Nor can you always be sure that all your sites are backed up and protected from hackers and bad bots.

You need the right set of tools to help you manage them effectively. And that’s where Flywheel Growth Suite comes in. It is an all-in-one hosting solution for agencies. If you haven’t heard of it before, you might want to check out my Flywheel Growth Suite review where I have covered how it can benefit you.

And one of the biggest benefits of choosing Flywheel Growth Suite is its Client Reporting feature.

Need for client reporting

Reports are one of the best ways to keep your clients happy and up to date with the work you are doing. It allows them to digest the data easily since reports contain visual information that they can easily skim through if they’re short on time.

But, sharing reports often with your clients can become a mundane activity. On top of that, it requires you to spend a considerable amount of resources to keep track of all changes like software updates (WordPress core, themes, plugins), configuration changes, and custom WordPress development. Moreover, all this data needs to be put together as a report.

What if I say that all this can be automated?

No, I am not kidding. It is true!

All the above steps can be automated on Flywheel Growth Suite to send out client reports to all your clients automatically. Here’s a sample of what your client report might look like –

Benefits of Flywheel Growth Suite Client Reporting

Retain existing clients by building relationship

No one likes to do business which an agency that doesn’t put in effort into building a relationship. Imagine working with an agency that wants to do away with you as soon as the work is over. Not cool, right? Client Reporting can help you get one step closer to building a relationship with your clients. It lets them know that you’re still offering value and would like to take it further.

Help clients take actionable decisions

Using Client Reporting, you can generate client reports with actionable data sourced from Google Analytics. This can include information about users, sessions, average time spent on your site, bounce rate, conversion rate, top goals, traffic sources, devices, page visits, and more.

Build trust with your clients

What good is a website if it doesn’t have proper backups and site security in place? A website can go down any time due to a bad update or vulnerability. And, if you don’t have an up-to-date backup, you might lose years of hard work, and your client forever.

Your clients will definitely monitor this more seriously since it’s their primary source of income or it contributes a big chunk of it.

Lucky for you, this is handled well by Flywheel. And, site updates, backups, security, and optimization that have been done as part of the web hosting optimization can be included automatically in the client reports.

Align with your client’s brand

All your client reports can be customized by adding their official colors and logos. You can also add a custom title, welcome note, notes, and more to make it more personalized.

Save time by scheduling reports

And best of all? All this can be automated and the reports will be shared with your clients automatically! This can save you a lot of time and money. There’s no need to hire someone to help you prepare and send over your reports.

Also, you needn’t spend any time reviewing it since all the data are retrieved directly from the source. There’s no manual work for you to do in between.


It doesn’t matter where your client sites are hosted, Flywheel can help you manage them with ease. It includes subscription billing, client management, client reports, and more. So, what do you think? Ready to take it out for a spin? Try Flywheel Growth Suite today!

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