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Time to cash in on influencer marketing and blogger outreach campaigns

There used to be a time when people bought most of the things they need from a local store. They generally knew the store owner and maybe even some of the people who worked in there. But in today’s global village in the modern world, people miss that personal connection.

We have gradually shifted from brick-and-mortar stores to buying most of the goods and services we need from online stores which have a presence all around the world. Most of these online stores often don’t have a physical presence and we don’t know the faces behind these eCommerce websites.

Nowadays, businesses have started realizing that people who miss having that personal engagement are fed up with repetitive banners and video advertisements being pushed on their faces. To fix this growing problem and reclaim the lost revenue, smart businesses are turning to new marketing strategies like blogger outreach and influencer marketing to add a human flavor to their businesses.

Influencer marketing

In the early days of the internet, just having a website was enough to garner excitement. But those days are long gone. Nowadays, social media rules the internet, and the key to customer conversion is through building relationships. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by having ‘influencers’ recommend your product or service to their audience.

When we say social media influencers, many people assume that they should always try to go with the big guns that come with millions of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Prominent influencers like Doctor Mike on Instagram, Eh Bee Family on Facebook, or Nikkie de Jager on YouTube have millions of followers, but you don’t always need them to find an engaging audience for your business who can leave a positive impact on your business. But in real life, social media influencers needn’t always be that popular to drive a good amount of leads in your way.

Many of the influencers out there are people like you and me who have built up a good and engaging social media following, usually focused on a single niche market. Finding people who have an involved audience that falls within your niche area is far better than generic influencers who have millions of people following them. Also, the chances of them already promoting your competitors will be slimmer. If you have got the budget for running an influencer marketing campaign but you are not sure to get started, you can look for potential influencers using an influencer marketing platform or outsourcing the work entirely to influencer marketing companies who specialize in this.

Influencer marketing statistics

According to the below infographic on influencer marketing statistics and trends compiled by Invesp Conversion Optimization Company, 94% of the marketers who used influencer marketing believe it to be more effective and influencer marketing delivers 11x higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing.

Influencer marketing statistics (infographic)

Blogger outreach campaigns

So, what is a blogger outreach campaign? The idea behind a blogger outreach campaign is that you reach out to work with several different websites that have an established audience, especially bloggers in your niche. You can leverage the influence these blogs have on their audience to promote or highlight your products and services. Once you have established a connection and discussed the terms of the agreement with them, you can ask them to review your product or service and link back to your website.

Here’s one example blogger outreach campaign, if you are involved in the web hosting industry, you can ask bloggers to become your brand ambassador, review your products or services, mention your brand in key places on their website, cover your latest product updates, promote your business through affiliate marketing, etc. Although you can’t force them to go with any of the above strategies of your choice, you can try convincing them why they should go with your suggestion and how they can benefit.

This works well when you have properly researched the niche in which the blogger specializes and the blogger believes that you can provide their readers with a lot of value. Striking a good deal with bloggers is always important as it can help you can appeal both, the bloggers and the blog readers. Bloggers love good pieces of content which can drive a good amount of traffic to their site, so be ready to provide them with what they ask for and have a good content marketing platform in hand.

If you find it difficult to cover different topics, you can consider writing several posts on a similar theme and distributing it across different blogs which has a well-targeted audience. This can help spark engagement and interest in your products or services among potential customers.

There are also a few other benefits of running blogger outreach campaigns which include more coverage for your business, high-quality backlinks, potential long-term partnerships, etc. One thing you should always remember is that each piece of content must be unique (free of plagiarism/spinning) and well-written. You can make this process much smoother by outsourcing the work to blogger outreach agencies or guest post services.

Difference between influencers and bloggers

There isn’t much of a difference between influencers and bloggers. They’re primarily the same except that the medium they use is different.

Influencers are highly dependent on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to grow their popularity and engage with their audience. They usually have a strong online presence and many followers.

Bloggers usually have their own blogs or websites and they write their own content to provide value to their audience. Influencers are not dependent on bloggers in most cases but a blogger can leverage the power of social media influencers to drive insane amounts of traffic to their sites. Sometimes, bloggers with an established audience are also considered influencers. They usually have a strong foothold in a small niche market, unlike traditional influencers who have large fan bases.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your digital marketing strategy to the next level by incorporating influencer marketing and blogger outreach campaigns along with your existing content marketing strategy.

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