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Prey Review: The Ultimate Laptop Tracking Tool

Are you worried about losing your laptop or having it stolen? Prey is a laptop tracking tool that can help you locate your device in case it gets lost or stolen. In this article, we’ll review the Prey and provide tips on how to use it effectively.

How Prey Works

Prey is a software that works by tracking your laptop’s location when it’s connected to the internet. The software uses several tracking methods, including GPS, Wi-Fi triangulation, and IP geolocation, to pinpoint your laptop’s location. Once you report your laptop as missing from your Prey account, the software starts tracking your device’s location and sends regular updates to your account.

One of the best things about Prey is that it’s designed to work in the background without affecting your laptop’s performance. The software is lightweight and doesn’t use a lot of system resources, so you won’t even notice that it’s running.

Prey Features

Prey has several features that make it an ideal laptop tracking tool. Here are some of the features:

  • Remote Lock and Wipe: If you’re worried about the data on your laptop falling into the wrong hands, you can use Prey to lock and wipe your device remotely. This means that even if someone has your laptop, they won’t be able to access your data.
  • Theft Evidence Report: Prey can take screenshots and photos of your laptop’s surroundings to help you identify the thief. This can be especially useful if you need to provide evidence to law enforcement.
  • Geo-Fencing: You can set up a geo-fence around your laptop’s location to get an alert if your laptop leaves the specified area. This is a useful feature if you’re traveling with your laptop and want to make sure that it stays with you.
  • Multi-Platform: Prey is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, making it a versatile laptop tracking tool. This means that no matter what device you’re using, you can install Prey and protect it.

Comparing Prey with Other Similar Software

While Prey is a powerful laptop tracking tool, it’s not the only one available. Here are some other similar software that you can consider:

  1. Find My Device: Find My Device is a built-in tool on Windows 10 that allows you to locate your lost or stolen laptop. However, it only works on Windows 10 devices. Find My Device uses GPS to track your laptop’s location, so it may not be as accurate as Prey’s tracking methods.
  2. Find My Mac: Find My Mac is a built-in tool on macOS that allows you to locate your lost or stolen Mac. However, it only works on Mac devices. Like Find My Device, it uses GPS to track your laptop’s location.
  3. Absolute LoJack: Absolute LoJack is a paid laptop tracking tool that can track your device’s location, lock it remotely, and even wipe all data from it. It’s available for Windows and Mac. While Absolute LoJack is a powerful tool, it’s also more expensive than Prey.

Tips for Using Prey Effectively

To use Prey effectively, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Set up the software properly: Make sure you set up Prey software properly to ensure that it works as intended. This includes registering your device, enabling location tracking, and setting up reporting frequency.
  • Keep the software up to date: Ensure that you keep Prey software up to date to take advantage of the latest security features and bug fixes.
  • Report your device as missing immediately: If you realize that your laptop is missing, report it as missing in your Prey account immediately. This will activate the tracking features and help you locate your device faster.
  • Test the software before you need it: It’s a good idea to test Prey before you need it. This will give you an idea of how it works and ensure that it’s set up properly.
  • Keep your account credentials safe: Ensure that you keep your Prey account credentials safe and don’t share them with anyone. This will prevent unauthorized access to your account and your laptop’s data.

Final Thoughts

Prey is an excellent laptop tracking tool that can help you locate your device if it gets lost or stolen. Its features, including remote lock and wipe, theft evidence report, and geo-fencing, make it a powerful tool to protect your laptop and data.

While there are other laptop tracking tools available, Prey stands out for its multi-platform support, lightweight design, and affordable price. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can use Prey effectively and keep your laptop and data safe.

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