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How to use email newsletters as a way to drive traffic to your site?

You have written an amazing blog post. You have done your part, but still not getting enough views. You must be probably wondering why your article is not read by people? This is because your blog is not reaching many people.

So how to make your blog reach new people? Well, I am here to help out with this. If I would have been at your place, I would surely start with building an email list. Email newsletters are some of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your blog. Here’s how to use email newsletters as a way to drive traffic to your site.

Win email leads from social marketing campaigns

Social media marketing campaigns have the potential to make your blog reach many new people. You have heard about the contests organized on social media. Social media campaigns not only help you in spreading your reach but they are also cool ways to get emails. 

You can just make a simple swipe-up feature to make the audience enter their email ID. This will make you build a new mailing list with potential future customers.

More email generating tips

You can add links to your blog on all of your social media handles. This will make your friends and known acquaintances go and read your blog. Getting emails from your social media handles is also a cool way to get email sign-ups from the people you know.

You can attract new customers for email sign-ups by giving them attractive offers if they subscribe.

Increase Click-through rate

A great way to skyrocket your click-through rate is to create beautiful emails. If you just send a basic-looking email, people are going to ignore it.

But if your email contains some visual elements, it is more likely to grab more attention.

For designing beautiful emails, you can use tools like ActiveCampaign. Such tools help you create a professional-looking email in no time! All you have to do is select a template to get started.

Segment your emails

Breaking your email newsletter into segments makes it easier for readers to go through it without missing any important detail. This increases the readability of your newsletter. This will make the audience click on the link that you want them to go to.

Create clear Call to Actions

While designing your email marketing campaigns you need to add a specific call to action in the content of the email. This helps you define your target audience. It helps the readers to identify the next step and proceed to that. This will get them ultimately to the place where you want to take them.

Schedule to build trust

You need to have a consistent content calendar for the emails. This will help you to schedule your incoming emails. If you show up once in a blue moon then people are less likely to notice you. But if you upload consistently in their inbox then the recipients will get a close look at you and your brand.

Also don’t spam the recipient inbox, as people get irritated when they receive bulk emails. This has high chances to make them report you. So you should avoid that. Feed your readers as they require and try to build connections with them to gain their trust.

Send visual newsletters… and a tease

According to a study, readers are more attracted to visual content and they stick to long-term memory and trigger emotions. Try to add visual elements in your email newsletter. This will help to get the attention of the readers and they will love to read it all through. Adding a little highlight of your blog post in the newsletter will make the readers curious about the blog.

Design RSS feeds for your blog

To make a note of people who visited your site, and want more from you. You can add an RSS button in your email newsletter that will make them subscribe to your newsletter and get more updates from you.

Add opt-in pop-ups

Pop-ups are also a good way to increase email subscribers. While people visit your site make sure that you place the pop-up at the right place to make them click on it. This can be done using a pop builder or pop-up optimizer. You should make your popups friendly and informative to increase your email signups.

Hook ‘em with the subject line

Studies show that if you can get the attention of the reader in the first 20 seconds then it will make the readers go through the whole blog. In simple words, it means that your headline should be catchy enough to catch the attention of your readers.

You should choose and pick a stunning subject line for your newsletter that will make your readers inquisitive about it. Design a subject line that will make your reader open the newsletter.

Whenever you are sending the mails to the readers make sure you do it with a sense to connect with them. You should be treating your online customer as if you are dealing with offline customers. 

The tone of your newsletter should be conversational yet professional. You should use words like ‘me’ and ‘you’ to deepen the relationship with your customers.

Get real with the newsletter

While sending the newsletter you should be keeping in mind that the content you share is real and authentic. You should be connecting with the readers with your content, so it needs to be real and should portray a good picture of you and your brand.

Personalize your newsletter

You should be designing the newsletter in a way that the reader is able to connect with you. For that, you need to add a personalized touch to your newsletter. This will make your readers build a relationship with you in the long term.

Research shows that personalized emails improve results by 14%. Therefore adding a personalized touch to your newsletter surely increases the click-through rate of the blog.


Email newsletters are a good way to build a relationship with your readers. You can deliver the information in a professional way. It helps in connecting with more customers. 

They are the best way to engage more customers with you and your brand. It will surely help you get more views on your blog if you create a newsletter for your blog and send it to your mailing list.

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