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How to create eCommerce forms on WordPress

Remember the last time you tried building an eCommerce form on WordPress? How was your experience? Was it easy and straightforward or you had to squeeze your brains hard and beg your developer to create something easy for you to use?

Well, even if it was somewhat manageable for you…there are countless other individuals and small business owners out there who find it difficult to build even a simple eCommerce form and collect payments online directly through PayPal or Stripe on their website.

Now, let’s see what these eCommerce forms are, their benefits and how you can use them on your WordPress site.

What are eCommerce forms

formidable forms - pricing fields field type

eCommerce forms are those forms that come with support for pricing fields and allow you to calculate the price to be charged based on the cost and quantity of the products added to the user’s cart.

Although it sounds simple, designing such a form using code can be a headache even for the pros. This is because, it needs to factor in various other parameters like – product variants, localization, internalization, support for multiple currencies, and more.

A good eCommerce form should take care of most of these things out of the box without much configuration. And that’s where Formidable Forms comes into the picture.

Benefits of using eCommerce forms

One major benefit of using Formidable Forms to build your eCommerce forms can be the reduced time it takes to create a payment/order form on your website and collect payments from the customers. You no longer need to spend countless hours creating and designing forms, configuring it with your payment gateway service providers and integrating it with your website.

These eCommerce forms are feature-rich and look good out of the box. It allows you to create cost calculation forms, quote calculators, price estimate generators, and more without much difficulty.

Also, you needn’t worry about decimal calculations and browser compatibility since it has already been taken care of by the experienced developers at Formidable Forms. You can just focus on running your business and increasing profits while they take care of the technical aspects of maintaining the plugin.

Now that you know what eCommerce forms are how they can benefit your business, let’s have a look at where it can fit into your online store.

How to create eCommerce forms in WordPress

formidable forms - pricing fields types

Formidable Forms’ eCommerce forms consist of pricing fields which are essentially made up of three field types – product field, quantity field, and the total field. And, you can configure the currency settings under the Global Settings page.

Product field

formidable forms - pricing field product type

There are various ways you can display the product field on your site – radio buttons, checkbox, dropdown, free text, or a single set value which is predefined. Using the radio, checkbox, and dropdown options, you can list the products with the corresponding prices.

Whereas user-defined forms can be great for building online donation forms.

Quantity field

formidable forms - quantity field options

The quantity field allows users to select the number of products/items they want to check out with. Using Formidable Forms, you can also link multiple product fields to a single quantity field.

Total field

formidable forms - total field options

The total field automatically calculates the total value based on the above fields.

Now that you know how to create eCommerce forms on WordPress, you can also learn how to allow people to review WordPress form entries before submitting them and send confirmation emails using Formidable Forms.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Formidable Forms now!

Still feeling confused if Formidable Forms if the right choice for you? Check out my detailed Formidable Forms review to clear all your doubts.

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